Chamonix, 2019

35mm, Digital print

Chamonix, 2019

35mm, Colour scan

Glasgow, 2020

35mm, Digital color print

New Mexico, 2018

Silver gelatin print

Scotland, 2020

35mm colour scans

æther, Photo-book, 2017

From Edgeland Photo Series, Glasgow, 2019

35mm darkroom print

From Edgeland Series, 2019

35mm scan

Portals, Scotland, 2020

Super 8 filmed footage

London, 2021

Super 8 film footage printed on silk

  Albuquerque and Scotland, 2018

  35mm scans

Chamonix, 2019

Silver gelatin print

  Chamonix and Albuquerque, 2019

  Silver gelatin prints

Meow Wolf Santa Fe, 2019

35mm colour scan

Kalkan, 2019

35mm colour scan/ Print on fabric 

Glasgow, From Edgeland series, 2019.

Silver gelatin prints.

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